5 Steps For A Landscaping Business To Choose The Right Lawyer To Represent Them

5 Steps For A Landscaping Business To Choose The Right Lawyer To Represent Them

Whilst we are sure all landscaping businesses would hope that they never need the services of a lawyer, the stark reality is that the evidence shows that there are many reasons why a landscaper may have to seek professional legal representation. This is not to suggest that landscapers are going to be sued left, right, and centre, nor that they will be taking legal action regularly.

Indeed, it is because landscapers being involved in legal action of any kind is rare that justifies why they should retain a lawyer, because if not, and they are caught unawares without proper legal representation, it could result in an outcome that is far from desirable. In other words, having the reassurance and the peace of mind that a lawyer is on hand if the need for one arises, is why you want to set up such an arrangement.

Now you know why landscapers should retain a lawyer’s services, the task now is to find one, and that is something that should not be taken lightly. Not there are offices galore full of rogue lawyers, however, no two lawyers operate or work in the same way, and having one which you are comfortable with and are certain will work in your best interests, is a highly desirable scenario.

So, if you are a landscaper or someone who runs or owns a landscaping business, here are five steps you should take to ensure that the lawyer you hire to represent you and that business is the right one.

#1 – Gauge Your Legal Needs

Before trying to find a lawyer you must first assess what your legal needs are, and what kind of legal representation you require. Do you need a commercial lawyer? Is it a lawyer well versed in consumer law or laws and regulations relating to building and construction? How about a lawyer known for resolving client disputes?

#2 – Ask Friends, Family, And Associates For Recommendations

Once you know the type of lawyer you require, the first port of call should be all of those known to you who may have had cause to use that type of lawyer before. Ask family, friends, associates, and other landscapers that you know in your local area to ascertain if they know a lawyer that they highly recommend.

#3 – Seek Out Lawyers Known To Have A Track Record In Representing Landscaping Businesses

Further to seeking recommendations, you also want to find out if any of the lawyers you are considering have first-hand knowledge of the landscaping industry, and specifically if they have a track record of working with landscaping businesses. Better still, is if they have had success doing so.

#4 – Request A Meeting To Assess Their Suitability

Before going all-in and hiring a lawyer, we recommend that you first set up a meeting with them. There you can discuss your needs, hear from them what they can offer, and then make a judgement as to whether they and your landscaping business’s legal needs are compatible.

#5 – Assess What Other Resources And Services They Can Offer You

In addition to the core legal services that any podetial lawyer can offer you, it can enhance your experience with them if they are also able to offer additional services which complement them, and could further help your business. An example would be their ability to offer legal services in multiple fields such as commercial, employment, and financial law.