10 Tips to Make Good Business Contracts and Agreements

Every business owner needs to know about contracts and agreements; they are all part of running a business. Unless you are highly trained in the matter, choosing commercial lawyers to draft them or at least read them through will ensure that the contracts are legal and fair and keep you out of trouble.  Here are some tips to make good business contracts.

  • Very often, an oral agreement is made when the situation is a simple one. However, even though in some cases an oral agreement is legal, it is rarely enforceable in a court of law. And in some cases such an agreement is not legal. It is far better to get the agreement in writing so both parties know where they stand.
  • Keeping it simple is the best way forward. Agreements don’t need to contain a lot of legal jargon that makes them difficult to read. However, they do need to cover everything. Make sure the paragraphs have numbered headings to help people understand what they are about.
  • Deal with management when getting an agreement. A person with a vested interest in the business will be more likely to ensure the agreement is not only fair, but adhered to by his employees.
  • Use the correct legal names of the parties to the agreement as well as the correct legal names of the businesses, including the Inc or Ltd suffix on the end. If this is not correct, you will have no legal recourse if things go wrong.