Steps to Take When Cosmetic Surgery Goes Wrong

Very rarely do Botox legal issues arise. Still, when they do, or when other cosmetic procedures go wrong, it’s helpful if you know what to do about them.

The more informed you are, the more confident you can be to take the best steps for your situation. If you’ve found yourself in this very situation, consider the following information.

What Your Surgeon Should Do

Even though your surgeon may have attempted to do everything right and walked you through the risks associated with your procedure, things can still go wrong. When they do, there are rules and regulations in place your surgeon must follow to ensure a beneficial outcome for all.

According to the Code of Conduct for Doctors in Australia, the surgeon should first recognise what has happened. Once they have identified the issue, they should immediately attempt to rectify the problem and seek advice and help themselves if they need to do so.

As this process affects you, your surgeon should explain what has happened and what both the short-term and long-term effects of it might or will be.

It’s also essential that they provide the support you need, acknowledge any distress you’re experiencing, and comply with all policies relating to the situation, subject to their insurer’s advice.

Given the seriousness of the situation when cosmetic surgery goes wrong, your surgeon will need to report the events to an authority, review what happened, and put changes in place to reduce the risk of it happening again.

If you wish to make a complaint, they also need to make information around complaints procedures available to you.

5 Steps For A Landscaping Business To Choose The Right Lawyer To Represent Them

5 Steps For A Landscaping Business To Choose The Right Lawyer To Represent Them

Whilst we are sure all landscaping businesses would hope that they never need the services of a lawyer, the stark reality is that the evidence shows that there are many reasons why a landscaper may have to seek professional legal representation. This is not to suggest that landscapers are going to be sued left, right, and centre, nor that they will be taking legal action regularly.

Indeed, it is because landscapers being involved in legal action of any kind is rare that justifies why they should retain a lawyer, because if not, and they are caught unawares without proper legal representation, it could result in an outcome that is far from desirable. In other words, having the reassurance and the peace of mind that a lawyer is on hand if the need for one arises, is why you want to set up such an arrangement.

Now you know why landscapers should retain a lawyer’s services, the task now is to find one, and that is something that should not be taken lightly. Not there are offices galore full of rogue lawyers, however, no two lawyers operate or work in the same way, and having one which you are comfortable with and are certain will work in your best interests, is a highly desirable scenario.

So, if you are a landscaper or someone who runs or owns a landscaping business, here are five steps you should take to ensure that the lawyer you hire to represent you and that business is the right one.


Personal Client Information and Your Business

When you have a business that needs to handle and/or store personal information from clients, it is essential to comply with the Privacy Act, known as the Australian Privacy Principles (APP). According to digital marketing experts Slinky Web Design you may have a business website that handles customer credit card transactions that your online marketing agency has set up for you.

Even if you have as carpet cleaning business, having lawyers to help you will ensure your business is in compliance and they can also tell you if it is necessary for you to do so. Not all businesses need to.

This is just one of the many reasons it is wise to retain solicitors for your business. At least they will know all the details about your business and be able to give you the advice your need quickly.

Not all businesses need to know their clients personal information to conduct business. This personal information includes such things as…

What You Can Do If You Think Your Dentist Has Been Negligent

What You Can Do If You Think Your Dentist Has Been Negligent

Across the country, and indeed around the world, each day patients are treated by their favourite, reliable dentists such as those from and the outcome is a good one. However, there are a small number of occasions around the world – usually when you visit an unfamiliar dentist – where things can go wrong, and where the patient believes that their dentist has not performed the dental work to a certain standard, or that what they have done has caused some kind of injury or harm.

If you ever find yourself in this kind of situation there are steps you can take, and one of the most serious is to sue your dentist for negligence. However, it must be stated from the outset, there is a fairly high bar in terms of what constitutes medical negligence by a dentist, and it is not enough for you simply to be unhappy with what they have done.

To bring a case for medical negligence you need to be able to show, that the dentist’s negligence caused that injury or harm in question. Obviously, you should legal advice, and if the case does reach the court, a lawyer who operates within the realm of medical negligence cases will be required.


The Advantages of Buying an Established Business

If you’ve longed to run a business and work for yourself rather than putting up with a boss there are two options. Buy an established business by browsing online business sales websites or contact a business broker, whether you want to run a commercial cleaning operation or digital marketing agency – or start up a new one from scratch.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages, but whichever you decide on, it’s a good idea to consult with lawyers before signing on the dotted line. That way you’ll be sure that all is as it seems and your solicitors will be available to you whenever you need them to ensure everything is done legally.

While it may seem cheaper to start up your own business, there are several good advantages of purchasing one that is a going concern already. Here are some of them.

  • There will be immediate income to help pay costs.
  • Many lenders view an established business as a better risk than one still in the pipeline.
  • There are fewer decisions to make as everything is already there. For instance, if you buy a coffee shop, you won’t have to decide on the decor, or how to set up the furniture.
  • There is less work involved in setting it all up.

Pros and Cons of Starting Your Own Business

There are many advantages to starting your own business, but there are also some disadvantages. Even though you may be fed up with working for a boss in the SEO agency, it is wise to take all these into consideration before starting up your own business. Consulting with a lawyer for legal advice is one of the best ways to get a deeper understanding of everything that must be done. Following your solicitors advice will ensure your business is legally set up, but they will also help you with many other aspects of running a business.

Here are some of the pros and cons of starting a business from scratch: –

Avoiding Medical Malpractice Claims

A Dentist’s Guide To Avoiding Medical Malpractice Claims

One of the biggest fears that any medical professional may have, including Perth dentists, is that a patient decides that they wish to sue them for medical malpractice. Apart from the massive financial implications should they lose, the subsequent damage to their professional reputation can often be irreparable.

Sadly, many of the medical malpractice lawsuits are justified, and the patient is rightly entitled to any damages which are rewarded due to the nature of the harm resulting from what the medical professional did. Many others are not justified and are soon dismissed, however, that will not erase the stress and worry they will have created for the medical professional in question.

Thankfully, there are tried and trusted steps you can take as a dentist that will dramatically reduce the chances of a patient suing you for medical malpractice, which, if followed, should mean you need not have to go through that same stressful process.

Communication Is Key
Whilst you might think that how you perform as a dentist is a large factor in avoiding medical malpractice suits, and it obviously is, an even greater one is how well you communicate with your patients. The simple fact is that good communication has prevented more medical malpractice suits, than good medical skills.

By communication we mean every interaction you have with patients and that includes before, during, and after their treatment. Ask them questions, answer them courteously, and even with those ‘difficult’ patients, always do your best to remain calm and friendly whilst speaking with them.

Property Settlements

How Does The Family Law Court Decide Property Settlements?

One of the most common aspects of divorce that a divorce lawyer will be asked advice on is the property settlement. Some of the reasons it plays such a large part in a divorce are understandable, and some of the reasons, not so much.

Obviously, both parties to the divorce want to ensure that they are both treated fairly with regard to finances, especially if there are children to be provided for. The other reason is that if a financial settlement can be agreed between the couple with the help of legal advice from their lawyers, the need to go to court, and thus incur additional fees, is negated.

This kind of agreement is called an informal agreement and whilst they can be created without the need for lawyers, the strong advice is that a lawyer’s advice is sought, if no other reason to ensure that what you are agreeing to is fair.

The other reason you should still seek legal advice is that informal agreements cannot be enforced by a court, so you want the agreement to be as robust and equitable as possible.

The next step up from an informal agreement is a financial agreement, which is agreed between the couple, again with the help of their lawyers. This time though, the agreements presented to the court for approval. The court will assess it to make sure it is fair, before approving it.

With court approval, a financial agreement now becomes legally binding and therefore a far more formal and enforceable settlement. These are especially needed when aspects of the settlement include support payments for children or an ex-spouse, where they might want the reassurance that the payments are protected by legal means.

How To Legally Recover Outstanding Monies Owed To Your Landscaping Business

How To Legally Recover Outstanding Monies Owed To Your Landscaping Business

It is a sad fact that every business type occasionally deals with clients who, for whatever reasons, fail to pay the fees owed to that business on time. On occasion, it might simply be an oversight, and the client pays following a call to remind them the monies are outstanding.

Unfortunately, not every non-payment scenario is as straightforward as that, and thus the business owner has to take action to try and get the client to pay them what is due. The question is ‘How?’. The first point we would make is that landscapers should never try to take the law into their own hands and use anything that could be construed as overstepping legal boundaries.

We are talking about using threats, such as threats of violence to try to frighten the client into paying. Other examples would be going to their property and damaging the work that you have done for them. There is little to be gained by any of this and it often has the opposite effect where instead of the client paying, they sue you, or worse, report you to the police. So, assuming, you will pursue legal means to recover the monies owed to you, here are some steps you can take.

Employment Contract

3 Ways to Legally Break an Employment Contract

In general, employment contracts are serious, legally binding documents. They are usually created with the help of employment lawyers to ensure that they are well written and contain provisions for most circumstances.

Despite this, it’s usually possible to legally break an employment contract, both as an employer and as an employee. It’s always worth speaking with a lawyer if you’re not sure about your rights, but we’ve put together a quick list of three ways to legally terminate an employment contract. These include:

  1. By Providing Adequate Notice and Paying Accrued Entitlements

As an employer, you can legally break an employment contract by providing adequate notice and ensuring you pay all outstanding leave and other entitlements. You should speak to employment lawyers and your employer’s guidelines, but the minimum notice periods in Australia are:

  • One week for less than one year of employment.
  • Two weeks for one to three years of employment.
  • Three weeks for three to five years of employment.
  • Four weeks for five or more years of employment.

Note that these are absolute minimums, and there will be situations where more notice is required. For example, if your contract includes information about the amount of notice to be given, you will have to abide by this. Seek legal advice for further information.

Note also that there are two things that could happen here; (1) the employee will continue working until the end of the notice period or (2) the employee will be terminated immediately, but will be paid until the end of the notice period.