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Opinio Juris Vol. 34:2 Symposium

Continuing its collaboration with the international law blog, Opinio Juris, YJIL held an online symposium in October 2009.  The fourth such collaboration, the online symposium featured discussions of all three Articles in Volume 34, Issue 2 of YJIL.  Please click herehere to visit the symposium. On Monday, October 18, Professor Alexander Orekashvili commented on A Fiduciary View of Jus Cogens co-authored by Professors Evan J. Criddle and Evan Fox-Decent.  On Tuesday, October 19, Mark Wu commented on Professor Anupam Chander's article entitled Trade 2.0.  Finally, on Wednesday, October 20, Professor Tara Melish presented her article entitled From Paradox to Subsidiarity: The United States and Human Rights Treaty Bodies.  Professor Elena Baylis responded to Professor Melish's article.