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About YJIL

Sterling Law BusinessThe Yale Journal of International Law (YJIL) is one of the world's preeminent international law journals. YJIL publishes articles, essays, notes, and commentary on a wide range of subjects in the fields of international, transnational, and comparative law on a biannual basis. Since November 2009, the Journal has published shorter analytical essays in YJIL Online, an online companion journal. In both its print and online editions, the Journal is committed to publishing cutting-edge, provocative, and thoughtful scholarship at the forefront of the field.

The Journal is about much more than the periodic publication of scholarship.  YJIL seeks to foster a community dedicated to the study and practice of international law at the Yale Law School and beyond.  To that end, YJIL regularly organizes panels, workshops, and lectures on diverse topics with guests including Law School faculty members, practicing international lawyers and policymakers, and distinguished alumni.


Editorial Board

yalelawschoolreadingroom_1182786813Membership in YJIL is open to all Yale Law School students beginning in their first year, including LL.M. and J.S.D. candidates. New members of the journal, known as “Editors,” are assigned to work on teams to edit, proofread, and cite-check individual pieces. YJIL strives to provide its Editors with an academically enriching experience as soon as they join the Journal.


Advisory Board

yls-judge-ornamentThe  YJIL Advisory Board is a body of scholars, practitioners, and judges who provide strategic oversight and guidance to the Journal.

Advisory Board members serve in their personal capacities, as opposed to their institutional or government capacities.

The current members of the advisory board can be viewed here.