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Recent Publications

Written by  YJIL Editor

Reviewed in this issue:

  • Dignity Rights: Courts, Constitutions, and the Worth of the Human Person. By Erin Daly. Reviewed by Allison Day.
  • Cyber Warfare and the Laws of War. By Heather Harrison Dinniss. Reviewed by Robert Nightingale.
  • Armed Conflict and Displacement: The Protection of Refugees and Displaced Persons Under International Humanitarian Law. By Mélanie Jacques. Review by Leslie Esbrook.
  • The Law of Non-International Armed Conflict. By Sandesh Sivakumaran. Reviewed by Reema Shah.
  • US International Lawyers in the Interwar Years: A Forgotten Crusade. By Hatsue Shinohara. Reviewed by Charles Dameron.
  • “Partly Laws Common to All Mankind”: Foreign Law in American Courts. By Jeremy Waldron. Reviewed by Cameron A. VanSant.
  • The Sovereign Citizen: Denaturalizaiton and the Origins of the American Republic. By Patrick Weil. Reviewed by John Wei.
  • The Verdict of Battle. By James Q. Whitman. Reviewed by Jennifer Skene.
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